Tina + Bai Sale and some random stuff | LF> Levia Funds

Italics is on BM! (BM prices not set, can negotiate)

SoD 6/6
Early Wedding 5/6 (no hair)
Spring Fairy (Mixed) no acc
Gremory full body + hair,
Pale Bunnygirl top
Blue Striped Bikini top + bot
Tina's White Stray Cat Sweater [A] (Can trade for Levia's)
Tina's Pink Stray Cat Hair [D]
Tina's Black Stray Cat Shorts [B]
Tina's Early Summer Haircut

Zenith 6/6
Graceful Lady pink (no acc)
White Spymaster Hair [C]

Luna's Ti-85 Pilot Jacket [C]
Violet's Tousled Nightmare Hair

Levia's SoD 6/6
Levia's Onyx Domestic 2* or 3*


  • oops double post, forgot to add discord is soft#1122 I'll most likely answer there faster!

  • Bai's White Spymaster Hair [C] sold on BM!

  • Tina's Early Summer Hair sold on BM!

  • regarding Bai Zenith, if you want 600m could you put that on hold for me? I'm at 471m rn and I'm rushing to save up... can't contact your discord and I need a 6/6 so I can ask support to convert it to Mistel's 6/6 (Cause apparently they can do that, plus no one is selling Mistel's Zenith... :c )

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