Yuri nose is bad and ugly EME plz

can you plz tell naddic to revmap her nose to old one plz or just make it normal like other chars?, coz that dot on her nose is realy bad,all other 13 chars dont have dot on theirs noses its just bad idea,yuri is my fav characters and this is pissing me realy,do something plz


  • Know feels bro Orz

  • fullmetalonefullmetalone Member
    edited September 4

    Yuri got a new facial revamp like a month ago or so in KRin the Busan Area Update

  • Good rework :)!

  • i know about the rework,its just the new nose man its pissing me off its ugly i cant even look at my char now thx to naddic im seriously pissed about the nose why does have a bloody dot and the other 14 chars dont its fking annoying me man


  • thank god my characters arent like that, thats ugly af. nice job fucking up the most popular character in the game.
    EME just listen to the man and revert to a decent looking one which is old one plz.

  • does this look ok to you??????????????????????????????????

  • its like there is something on your screen,im pretty youll think that when you look at it

  • this how her nose should look like or close to that a blurred out nose like all the other frigging characters

  • Fix the goddam nose

  • @reconawp1992 said:
    Fix the goddam nose

    they can't fix the nose unless Naddic gives them the updated nose from the Busan Update

  • Ya you must blame naddic and the person who gave that idea lol

  • yea i am blaming naddic not eme but eme the only way to reach naddic

  • @fullmetalone are you saying that the nose is actuly fixed on kr and its not here yet?

  • i dont think it is fixed give me a proof if you have

  • no, yuri's nose on KR looks exactly the same ;')

  • HimeHime Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    Doesn't look like much can be done if it's appearing the same way in KR. It's more of a Naddic-related thing, or rather whenever they decide to fix(?) it. I don't think they'll re-reconfigure Yuri's face, but here's for hopeful wishing?

  • yea i hope this reach naddic, i hope eme care enough to atleast mention this to them,the nose is not ok,just scroll up to the image with yellow hair and look at the nose its hidious,i legit lost my motivation to play this game

  • looking at yuri is like look at a monitor that have a bug on it

  • i was speed runnning dungeons, now im speed running closers,sub 10min log in then close the game

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