Weekly Rankings didn't reset for me

Am I the only one who didn't get the weekly ranking rewards? My brother also plays and didn't get his either.


  • Same, it seems they changed some of the resets and rewards.

  • HimeHime Member

    Known bug!

  • 2nd week in no ranking rewards. I finally get myself into the TCP rankings and nada.
    I really hope this is resolved next week. Some compensation would be appreciated as well

  • best thing its that not even listed in the "know bugs" section of the patch notes same as the daily reset, so is implied that they are not taking it into consideration

  • How do you know they knew about it before the Aug 27th patch? Did you think that it may have been brought up to their attention after the patch?

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    We aware of the bug about weekly didn't reset for this week as well. EME is working on fixing that.

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