anyone know how to defeat nito like what do you do?


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    Smack it until Jisu appears, then tank 10k true damage, then Jisu finishes Nito. Congratulations, you've finished one of the easiest puri dungeon.

    Alternatively oneshot Nito.

  • what happen if you dont tank?

  • You have to finish Nito by yourself.

  • Pretty sure Nito even powers up a bit if you fail that tanking portion too

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    If you fail to protect/taking for Jitsu, Nito will just become attackable again and you can kill her.

  • The fight starts out as any other Raid. After you do enough damage to Nitocris she will teleport to the center of the screen, Jisu will spawn and Nitocris will dart off to the right side of the stage. Nitocris then creates attacks that target Jisu. The goal for the 4 players to spread out and intercept these attacks with their character (take the hit) and thus protect Jisu. However you can stand directly on top of Jisu and intercept them all at the same time.

    If you succeed at protecting Jisu then she defeats Nitocris. Otherwise you have to do defeat her yourself.

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