OF Stage 10 Bug

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Overflow Nitocris stage 10 is bugged. There seems to be a syncing issue on which person gets marked with the rotating wall.

I queued and went with a 3-man party in Overflow Hell - Nitocris. Everything was fine until stage 10. One of the party member started to curse at me saying that I need to get out with the wall. Meanwhile I continued hitting Nitocris and was wondering why the other two were just standing and not doing anything. Apparently in their perspective the wall is rotating on me, but in my perspective my other teammate has the rotating wall.

This is the first time I experience this myself but I think it's been happening for a while. Now that I think about it. There are several times (like 4 times already) wherein one person with rotating wall keeps hitting Nitocris. Of course I died several times due to it. I was like what the hell is this person doing. Now I know it's bugged.


  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    This also happens with WG walls during the phase you need to reposition them, its been like this forever and i doubt naddic can do anything to fix it. If i had to guess its related to ping difference between the players.

  • Generally this kind of bug can happen in any dungeon where the player gets assigned a wall, debuff, protection circle, etc. From what I have experienced with the bug, it seems to be a problem with the host having a bad connection or some kind of error with the connection. I have had this happen to me on almsot every stage of Overflow Reverse and Regular Contamination Hell. (Stages get a little confusing so forgive me if I order some of them wrong) Stage 1, the walls appeared differently for the host than everyone else. Stage 2, tindalos had blue portals in different places for different people. stage 3 the orb never used the explosion but for everyone else it did. Stage 4, harpas sent tornadoes late and people were flying while i was waiting for the tornados to start. Stage 5. Nitocrus puts the blue protection circle on different people depending on host. Stage 6, The green large protection circle is assigned to a different person on everyone's screen (not just the host). Stage 7, Yod walls start instantly but do not for others. Stage 8, wall orb does not start for some people but does for others. Stage 10, Yod starts moving on his orb summon but some people can not attack it. There is still a long list of these problems but I think you get the gist of it. Generally this is not too big of a problem for OFR because the nito walls do not harm the player who has it on your screen, only the players who can see the walls on a specific person can be harmed by them.

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    Personally I would suggest you guys make support ticket about it so EME have it on file/documents and they can debug/reproduce it.

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