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Better (Seth's) skills description

Some of the skills' description are really vague and might not reflect how you use it, best example is Seth's "Selket's Seal" where it says
"Press the skill key again at the right time...", what is the "right time", sometimes it works better when holding the key (and releasing it before the skill ends) rather than pressing again (damage feels a bit wonky, sometimes it hurts a lot and sometimes not, but that's another subject).
Of course I guess it's the case on almost all characters and you should just figure it out yourself but it would be good if we could have better skill description for at least some skills.


  • yea i'm havin the same trouble.. i cna't figure out if i'm doin selket's seal's empowered version right

  • You can see it when you watch the Skill icon. After using it, it will become usable again after a few moments - that's when you have to reuse it, the window to do so is pretty narrow.

  • I have learned to just watch Seth's animation. She brings her arm up then slams it down. Do the skill button again as she is slamming down. If you do it correctly the spikes are much taller then normal. Easy enough to try/practice in a stage.

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