Closers NA Community

Is it just me or is everyone completely mute? Like, either everyone's afk, or just no one talks at all. Ive never seen any conversations from people so Im kinda wondering. Does anyone talk in this game? It's usually real quiet


  • They could be talking in Crew or Party chat or are just afk or not talking at all.

    I don't normally start conversations myself.

  • True. But I've just been wondering since it has been like that ever since I first played. So I got a bit confused after a while

  • Most speak at Discord nowadays

  • Still blows a bit

  • indeed, this game just feel like a single player game,

  • definitely would come across as a single player feel if you don't put yourself out there to play with others on a normal basis. i know that a few of my friends that typically don't initiate conversations ended up struggling to branch out and find other members of the community to play with. The opposite is also very much true as well :\

    to each their own i suppose

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