Getting disconnected using Black Market with Gear items only

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When I put gear items up for sell, I'll click on the yes prompt when it tells you there will be a little delay before it shows up and I get disconnected without the item going up for sell, trying to repair the client now but I'm not sure that will help since I did a repair not that long ago.

Any idea what I could do if repairing still doesn't fix my issue?

I don't know if the Repair had any affect but I was able to put the gear item up for sale without disconnecting for now, the fact it's happening is bad enough, I'll update this post if it happens again.


  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    Sometimes items bug and you get disconnected when putting them on BM, let me know what is/are the item(s) and i'll forward it to EME

  • ShaunV1ShaunV1 Member
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    This is the Gear I tried to put up for sale when it disconnected me:

    but as you can see I was able to put it up after I tried again.

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