PNA (Help pls)

I came across with PNA amplifier hidden stats and I just want to know which of the following is better dmg wisely:
♦ABC Crit damage increase +5% +12% +5% respectively
♦Damage +5%
♦ABC Damage increase +5% +12% +5%
♦ABC Crit damage increase +10% +5% +5%



  • If you have <70% ABC Damage or just starting to gear with Hell, then go for ABC Damage 5/12/5%
    If you have 70-80% ABC Damage or want to raise your TCP, go for ABC Crit Damage 5/12/5%
    If you already have endgame gear, where you're doing millions of damage, then adding Damage 5% (assuming it adds 5% to your final damage) is the best amplifier hidden stats to go for.


  • Thank you <3

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