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Triggers, where to get them?

Can I only get these in Overclocked? or can I also get them in the Training/Battle Progams?
Also, what's the drop rate on these? Non-existent? lol


  • OC and Training Programs. All mine dropped in OC

  • I found them in Overclocked and normal Wolfgang and Hoffman.
    I've never found anything in training program, but the official announcement said they do drop there as well.

  • So far I got drops: 2 times from Hoffman OC, 3 times from Hoffman, 0 times from Wolfgang OC, 2 time from Wolfgang and 0 times from the other 2 training programs.

  • I'm really amazed how some people already got 7+ drops of trigger. Meanwhile, me... ... .... ... ...

  • Nice! Thank you so much everyone for your responses!
    Been doing all the daily entries for every single one of them for about a week now, still no luck lol gotta keep on grinding

  • wait is it any training program that bitna has you do?

  • @Yosafire said:
    wait is it any training program that bitna has you do?

    no, only the training programs located in Hunter's Night

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