I don't think i'll ever beat gremory's laboratory

Gremory's central laboratory is just insane, the first part is okay, but then they just go into a rage, I know i'm supposed to lure them onto green circle and I do that a few times, but if you slip up even slightly you're pretty much dead, after wasting about 30 resurrection capsules and no sign of their health reaching a visible level I gave up, nothing in the main storyline comes close to reaching this level of insanity.


  • It gets annoying especially if it manages to catch up to you while you're running around waiting for a knockdown circle to appear, but personally, it's a good opportunity to practice your Combat Dodge timing to get the invincibility frames (Which you're going to have to get used to doing later on since bosses will have OHKO mechanics that you can only avoid with a perfectly timed Combat Dodge.

  • personally I think i'll just stay off most of the endgame stuff, frankly I don't think I have the skills for it. I mainly play this game for it's story with all he different characters. Thankfully the main story never seems to get all that hard.

  • The central lab stages are designed to be a group raid, so completing them solo at the indicated power level will be difficult until you can blow through her defenses. These stages are part of the "daily contribution" so people run them frequently. Ask your crew if you need help. Most characters that are equipped with endgame gear can obliterate the stage in less then a minute (bearland does take longer). I often run the stages multiple times a day because the PNA capsules and genes are account bankable.

  • Play in party. I can help you if you want. I can solo the last Gremory stage but it takes some time.

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