Tindalos or Yod outfit?

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So I finally just got enough Eroded Phase Fibers for Seth that I can start working on the Purification Full-body costumes, and I was originally thinking about grabbing Tindalos for the +100 Psi Power at 3*, but I don't know much about how stat weights work in this game and whether or not if a flat 100 power increase is good to get in general, or if 10% extra Psi Crit DMG from the Yod outfit contributes more to damage. I would think that 100 power would be better in the event that a Crit doesn't happen (does Crit Rate cap at 50%?) but if the cap is 50%, I could possibly see the 10% Psi Crit DMG being helpful. Though, wouldn't the 100 Power contribute more to characters that have a majority of their skills having innate ABC damage, so it would boost those as well?

Any one able to give some insight on which one I should work on?


  • go yod if you want the transcendent damage or go tindalos for the unarmored damage.
    At the long run you can have both or the 3 since there is nothing much to do whit eroded fibers.

    in my opinion tindalos will alway work better

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    I understand that you can have multiple outfits if you want, but I am still new to the game (Literally joined five days after Seth came out) so for me since it's going to take a while to build up the Phase Fibers to make all of them, it's important for me to work on the one that contributes more to overall DPS. I just don't know whether 10% Psi Crit DMG makes a big difference compared to 100 Psi Power. It also doesn't help that ABC Dmg/Crit DMG/Crit Rate are separate from PSI Crit/Crit DMG/Crit Rate, because it gives me the impression that the 100 Psi Power would apply also to ABC for what would seem like a 400 Psi Power boost in reality, whereas 10% Psi Crit DMG only applies to just the Skills' Psi damage component themselves, not the ABC factors of it too. Though it's always possible the 10% Psi Crit DMG applies to those as well and I just don't know since I don't know how stat weights work here.

    I'm honestly not too concerned about the Damage to Unarmored/Heavyweights/Transcendants part of the Outfits. Yod with Transcendants would work great currently because Yod and Nitocris are still current content (not including older stuff we run for Credits,) but with Beezlebub/Busan coming in the future, there's only one Boss that is considered Transcendant, and Purification Ocean which is considered Unarmored.

  • @Ray676 said:

    We aren't getting puri ocean for another like 7 or 8 months and beezlebub not for another 1.5 to 2 months.

    Also for the dmg calc it's combined. Take all your crits rates and add them together = your total crit rate if you proc ABC. Or in the case of Proc only Air+Back+Normal it would be Air Crit + Back Crit + Psi Crit(or Phys) The Same goes for Crit damages and ABC damages. Don't know what class you play but it's recommended to get Yod outfit as your first one, Then after if you wanted to you can get Tindalos, you'd have to tune it as well so up to you. 5% of a Damage Type is a straight up 5%. It's pretty worth. Transcendant is good because of overflow, multiple enemies are transcendant type iirc.

    Good combo would be Yod outfit for the Transcenedant dmg, Then roll your amplifier for unarmored or heavyweight or something. Since there's like 3 sources for transcendant dmg. WG teamwork buff, Yod outfit, and the passives.

    Ah alright, that makes a lot more sense now. I'll grab Yod then. Thank you.

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