[WORLD] Familia | Lv.8 | Active Friendly Crew

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  • Crew : Familia
  • Level : 6
  • Language : English
  • Crew Features : Most available EMP buffs and we are working to max out the reputation of all areas!

Hello! We are originally coming from an old popular crew and we decided to create Familia for a fresh start and have a better control on the crew's flow.
Anyone is welcome! As the name already implies, we are a very family-orientated crew that enjoys helping each other out, be it in-game or general questions about Closers whenever needed!

Join our discord for more information about us: https://discord.gg/RJp4jfd


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    We are now:
    ● Level 8
    ● All EMP buffs
    ● Planar Gate/ Purification, Hunter's Night and Dimensional Ops Center area reputation are maxed out!

    Also, the invite link in the original post is no longer valid because we are only accepting recruits for the crew in our Discord server!
    Here is the new link if you are interested: https://discord.gg/TyqYhQs or Add/Contact Hu#0002 or BIOLATE#9509

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