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So, what modules are the best for our current situation? Is that worth to craft "planet" module (if yes, which one for Tina) or better to stick around with Wg/Hm modules? I currently have 2/2 5t. tindalos boosters and 1/2 wg/hm modules. Idk if gathering materials for planet module or not...


  • I assume you meaned the crafted hell mod with the %type dmg. Yeah It's very worth it though I'm not too sure which one is the 'best' I imagine transcendant would be a good overall choice with no down side.

  • Yes. crafting the "planet" module would be recommended due to knowledge that the next gear from the Beelzebub raids will be replacing the 2/2 (tinda/halp/yod/huntersnight) mods

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    In case no one checks the Player Guides section, with Beezlebub coming some time soonish, you can look at this to decide which Planet Mod you want to grab for old or new content.

    Vitus - Transcendent
    Mephisto - Transcendent
    Tiamat - Transcendent
    Irina - Transcendent
    David - Transcendent
    Gremory Body/Mind Works - Building
    Gremory Intermediate - Heavyweight
    Gremory Advanced - Building (1st Phase), Heavyweight (2nd Phase)
    Bearland - Unarmored (1st Phase), Building (2nd Phase)
    Purification Hell
    +Monument - Building
    +Tindalos - Unarmored
    +Harpas - Heavyweight
    +Yod - Transcendent
    +Nitocris - Transcendent
    Wolfgang - Heavyweight
    Hoffman - Unarmored
    BB Investigation Hand - Mediumweight
    BB Investigation Back - Lightweight
    BB Investigation Heart - Transcendent
    BB Investigation Vessel - Building (1st Phase), Heavyweight (2nd Phase)
    Purification Ocean - Unarmored
    Misook - Mediumweight
    Untouchable - Heavyweight (1st Phase), Lightweight (2nd Phase)

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