my opinion on current Halloween Firework event

I find it fun but why Entries are account and not per character? 2 entries for 15 cLosers is really idiotic

Anyone agrees?

I would have less issue with it, if the quest was account too but its per cLoser


  • I try to look at events with a little optimism. The rewards they give are pretty dank, like the special sector entry passes that you can craft every day. Yes, the fireworks thing is lackluster, but I feel it's made-up for in the craftable stuff.

  • The event was given from the KR developers. Since the event in KR was account based, ours is too.

    For future reference, almost all of KR's events from now onwards is account based so you can count on ours being account based also.

  • TowikTowik Member
    edited October 2019

    That's a bit sad. I mean the game already runs on 2005-2006 tech and now we get even less :open_mouth:
    The gambling that this game has, is already a huge turn off and in 14 days I wanted to spend 40$ on Platinum but Somehow i think i will have to rethink that
    Anyway Thanks to both of you for replying :smile:

  • I would be fine if it was only account limits on the sector. not only is it account limited by sector, it's account limited on the firework boxes we get too. you cant spend the extra event material you get from those extra sector buff days you get and our playerbase might not even reach the 2 Million checkmark, they should've checked the event before releasing it.

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