Is there a Chat Command to leave certain channels?

Tried looking at the /help Chat Commands and there wasn't any mention of a command to leave channels, only a /leave command for dropping parties.

When I looked on Google a while back, I saw a thread from 2018 that answered my exact question about wanting to close out of the Network Chat completely, but whoever responded to the OP deleted all of their posts (or was banned, I dunno) so I could not see what they did to get out of certain chats.

I'm guessing that either there was a way to remove certain channels before and it was removed in an update between back then till now, or there is a way to do so that can't be found on either the in-game Settings or in chat commands.


  • Not sure if there is something that can permanently close a channel aside from changing to one that is not being used on the chat buttons. What i do remember is that by using /cls your chat was cleared, this also works on the main channel in which people makes shouts to get squads, queue or buy/sell stuff, however in the case of that particular chat you need to either enter/leave/restart a sector or change hub for the clear to take effect,

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