Seth's FM4 DCs Me :*(

This may not be a YUGE issue to many, but I was farming DR5 for credits (Yes, I know I'm penny pinching) but whenever I use FM4 at Distorted Alter at the 1st stage I DC. Very sad because I like to run these sectors as fast as possible and FM4 clears that stage immediately.


  • I'm currently farming on seth and the FM4 seems to work just fine with no DCs in sight, although I will say there's some issue with the stability of the server - I dced a few times despite having no issues with internet, same happened to many people I've talked to.

    I just hope the issue will be solved soon.

  • It looks to be happening with FM3 as well and it's only at Distorted Alter. I have no issues anywhere else, but if it is a bigger issue than the one I'm experiencing I hope it gets sorted.

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