Change how talisman works

for the normal talismans change from 1 use on entering to a buff that consumes the talisman and give 1 hour buff for the character or account
and for the 24hr one change it to account buff that last 24 hrs and talisman gets consumed after use,consume should be used in hub or in sector or raid,any suggestions are welcome,i personaly dont like how talisman works atm


  • i don't think eme can change something like this xd it's naddic's choice.

  • i know they cant do shlt about this,its their job to send feedback to naddic...

  • gonna have to go with no on this one :\

  • Should.

  • why not,my idea is better i dont know why you would say no,care to explain?

  • 1 - just because you want something doesnt mean your idea is better than others'
    2 - it's not eme not doing their job, eme can only send feedback and that's the problem. KR never had an update like that and we wont either, our updates are being controlled by the kr overlords giving us updates. eme doesnt control the game

  • @reconawp1992 said:
    why not,my idea is better i dont know why you would say no,care to explain?

    Because the talisman works like you would expect a talisman to work.
    Why suggest this only for talisman? Luck and Phase Stabilizers work in exactly the same way. Do you see how imbalanced things in the game would become if your suggestion was implemented? Even just on a basic, functional level - nevermind them being completely devalued on the BM.

    I don't mean to be harsh. I just want to explain why it's not a good idea.

  • @JadeClosers youre wrong if you think that i want this,id like this yea,i was suggesting,i have no problem with talisman,and i already said up comment that eme can only send feedback,you got it all wrong

  • @Disposessed they dont work the same way,talisman applied when you enter,luck and phase are differant as you click them to be applied,they do not work in "exactly the same way",whats wrong with clicking a talisman like is not my problem that things are imbalanced,my suggestion have no effect on anything itll be like a firecracker buff,what you on about

  • Can't see that suggestion flying with naddic..especially the 24 hour account-wide. That's a bit much. Sorry to say but..

  • it doesnt need to be account,can be character bound,was just an idea,and "Flying with naddic",forums are here for people to give feedback and ideas and stuff anyway and nice J pic :^) @LeSir

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