Party play

Hello if I could get some light on this please would be fab.
So me and my friend want to team up together to do story and endgame he is Seth and I am Levia, at any point will we be on the same story or would it be better for me to level up Luna instead?


  • Uh i am not quite sure, but i think the hunter's night questline could be done together. Regardless, it is more of a hassle to do the story quest together, because there is a lot of quest that can only be done solo. Yellow quests are mind numbingly easy, you could just pick the character that you like, clear the story quest and do end game together.

  • Thank you for info i will continue on with Levia

  • wildhüter characters have different areas to complete the missions in. you cant do the story together with wildhüter + Black lambs/wolf dogs characters

  • Planar Gate, Dimensional Ops Center, Dream Theater have content that is mostly independent of team. Otherwise Black Lambs and WolfDogs don't start sharing objectives till season 2 (airport). Wildhunter is a very different story perspective and join up with BL/WD in late season 3 (or so i've been told). The story missions are very much team oriented.

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