This game has been out for a while

I haven't checked if KR version got updated, but holy crap.
a mission takes like 1minute and 30 seconds from start to end + 30 seconds of loading including the dungeon result screen. SO MANY LOADING SCREENS. then I have to EXIT the dungeon into a loading screen, and go to the NPC complete and accept a new quest. THEN go back into the dungeon on a separate difficulty as if the difficulties even matter pre level level 60. include the option to continue the quest chain from within the dungeon and have a button to move on to the next required mission. instead of moving in and out of the dungeon. just remove the difficulties from the lower level dungeons. this quest chain method is just a shitty loop of tedious, unfun gameplay because you literally one-shot everything. In the past, it was just another way to keep players (under the fatigue system) time gated from reaching the barren end game. things are different now, at least I think and hope so, so make some fucking changes to the beginning so new/returning players aren't bored and turned off by outdated ideas.

this is like an example of
"it gets better on the 500th episode of season 20, just keep going" fuck that, i'll drop that show if it takes that long to get to the good part.

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