Bai+Seth PvP?

I saw on YT that the Korean servers have Bai+Seth PvP enabled as of... 6 or 9 months ago? What's the approximate ETA for Seth+Bai being allowed to PvP on this server?

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  • RajaxxRajaxx Member
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    PvP for Seth in Korea was almost 3 months ago, not 6 or 9. It'll be a long while before she gets PvP here unless Naddic pushes us a patch that gives Bai / Seth PvP a lot sooner than Korea got it (Took them almost a year of being released before those chars could PvP.)


  • Thanks for the answer. Quite a shame to hear that. Here's to hoping that they'll push the patch out soon. :wink:

  • PvP for Bai and Seth came with the Busan Update in KR iirc so it will be at least MAYBE Late 2020 until we see it here could be sooner though but idk what came to KR after Beelzebub

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