Yearly Support Transfer - Weapons too or just Costumes?

So from what i've seen on the Discord server, people have mentioned that there is a 20 item transfer limit that En Masse will do that refreshes exactly a year from when you do the first Transfer. I also know that you can use that to transfer Costumes and Signature Costumes over from one character to another for them to use (I'm not sure though if 6 DC / 4 Zenith transfer for example would become 6/4 for another char, or if you can get a 10 set instead.)

But does that Transfer service also apply to Gear you make for your char's, or would I be stuck having to buy Dimensional Boxes to be able to give my alts their gear that i've been transcending over time?


    edited November 2019

    I highly doubt that it applies to crafted / drops, that is what the grem box is for. The service always seemed more for purchase/event items that transform into character specific gear upon opening.

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