New updates are coming to Closers on 12/9! (p23 Branch Update)

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Greetings, Closers!

BearShoes here. On December 9th, we’re proud to announce that we will be updating the game with the newest branch update, p23!

Branch updates are a way for us to do a major update to the game, including minor tweaks to UI, back-end abilities, and character balances. However, these branch updates usually bring about a couple of major changes for players, and that’s what I’m here to talk about today!

In this branch update, you need to know about 4 major things that are going to be taking place:

1. EMP Store / Washing Machine Renewal

In this update, the UI elements are going to be changing regarding the EMP store. We’ll give you some more details on this in the near future, but you can expect to see things like the following:

  • Large-styled banners showing off current costumes in the shop, as well as washing machines.
  • A more easily navigable interface to lead you exactly where you want to go.
  • A shopping cart to load up multiple items, as well as change the quantities.
  • Integrated Washing Machine menu (no more having to go find Bitna!)

2. Max Level system renewal

As a max level player, you may find that it’s confusing knowing where you need to go, or what you need to do each day. This is being simplified in a number of ways. Here are some of those bullet points to illustrate just how:

  • A new GUI has been added to the Purification Ops.
  • Contamination Lvl 1-5 has been changed to a single entry operation area for single-player.
  • The “Operation Area” has been changed significantly.:
    • Purification Ops Minion Sector
      • Minion sector that existed as the Boss Series has been reduced to 1 type.
      • Some rewards have been applied due to the number of entries decreasing.
      • The length of the Minion Sector has doubled.
    • Tindalos/Harpas
      • Entry limit has been changed to 1 time.
      • Some rewards have been applied due to the entries decreasing.
      • Differences in drop rewards have been reduced.
    • Yod/Nictoris
      • Differences in drop rewards have been reduced.
      • Some drop rewards have been slightly increased.
      • Only Weak-condensed gear (Condensed Gamma Gear) will drop.
    • Continuous Operation Area
      • Reduced to 3 stages:
        • Stage 1: Tindalos
        • Stage 2: Harpas
        • Stage 3: Yod
      • Daily admission restriction has been applied.

There’s a lot here, and this may look scary, but know that at it’s core, this just means that you will be able to clearly understand what you’re supposed to be doing on what day, and won’t have to run something multiple times.

3. Character Balancing

All characters will be re-balanced in various ways. While I can’t get into the specifics quite yet, this will translate to things like passive renewals, and the TCP formula being updated. More power = good.

4. Enhancement Renewal

This is probably the biggest part of this update, and the one that is largely going to affect everyone.
We will be implementing the first major update to the enhancement system since the initial launch of Closers. Naddic has gone through and collected and analyzed both data and feedback from their communities, and came to the conclusion that the current system had a few issues.

  • It is much too complex.
  • It has too big of a risk of failure.
  • There was really only 5 levels (+10-15).

It took a small amount of time to upgrade, but the level of difficulty to reach max level using items like gearboosters was much too difficult, and players found it much to difficult to even attempt it. As such, it was decided to improve the issues, in the following ways:

1. The system will be simplified.

There were too many results: +1, +2, -1, Loss, Reset, and Contamination. As well, there were too many combinations of Fuel and Additives, resulting in a confusing process. With this in mind, the system will be improved and refined to make it much easier.

2. We will minimize the risk of failure.

In the current enhancement system, an enhancement failure is a risk of a downgrade. We will be allowing players the chance to prevent enhancement failure (-1), and transfer the enhancement level.

Based on the issues and solutions listed above, let’s briefly explain how the new enhancement system will work. There are 4 major parts:

  • Enhancement Risk Reduction

    • Reset and Loss will be removed and only Success (+1)/No Change/Failure (-1) will remain.
    • Using a new [Fortifier] will prevent the Failure (-1) and reduce the risk dramatically.
  • Enhancement Transfer

    • The existing gears’ [Enhancement Level] can be transferred when a new set of gears are released.
    • It will allow users to reach the max enhancement level more easily.
  • More Useful Amplifier/Trinket

    • In the existing system, they are not very meaningful items except for some defense and gear level increase.
    • Now, they offers new stats when used for enhancement.
  • Adjusted Max Enhancement Level by Gear

    • Each gear’s max level will be changed.
    • Even though new gears will have higher max level than the existing gears, it won’t become a burden because the enhancement transfer will reduce the cost and efforts.

This will definitely reduce the risk of failure, and will allow users to reach the max level for their gear much more easily. We’re also preparing a bunch of benefits for you all, to let you grow accustomed to how it works. As well, if you own +15 gear currently, you’ll be getting some benefits as a result! (More on that at a later date).

We of course would love to hear your feedback on this, and hope that you’ll enjoy a much easier time enhancing your gear.

The update to the gear system is going to provide you with a better gearing experience. As well, your old materials won’t go to waste, as you’ll be able to switch them out once p23 goes live. Here’s a chart to help you understand what you’ll be entitled to:

GearBooster Fuel III 330 GearBooster Fuel I 1
GearBooster Fuel IV 10 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Catalyst 15 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Boost I 165 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Boost II 2 GearBooster Fuel I 1
-1 Gear Booster 4 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Failsafe 12 GearBooster Vaccine 1
Enhancement Antiseptic 12 GearBooster Vaccine 1
Enhancement Binder 12 GearBooster Vaccine 1
Enhancement Fortifier 4 GearBooster Vaccine 1
Prototype Fuel I 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel II 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel III 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel IV 1 GearBooster +10 1
Atomized Prototype Fuel II 1 GearBooster +11 1
Atomized Prototype Fuel I 1 GearBooster +12 1
Atomized Prototype Fuel I 1 GearBooster +12 1
+1 Gear Booster 1 Gear Booster +13 / GearBooster Vaccine 1


Finally, we have a couple more announcements that will be coming along with this update.

First, Dimensional Gel is going to be going away, so you’ll want to ensure that you use it all up before this happens. Dimensional Gel will NOT be returning after this point, but don’t worry! A new system is going to be replacing it, and we’re excited to tell you about it.

Lastly, we know that you all are very VERY excited for the release of Beezlebub. We are too! That’s why we’re announcing now that on December 23’rd, along with the final TF update for Goodfellas (Misteltein), we will be releasing the Beelzebub 12 player raid, along with the Direct Gear Tuning system. We thank you all for your patience on this, and we hope you look forward to some exciting new content.

We look forward to the months ahead, and an even brighter 2020! Thanks everyone!

-Nick “BearShoes”

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