Draconian Costumes are now available!

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Splendid Draconian Treasure Chest

Draconian costumes have descended upon Closers!

For a limited time you can purchase Splendid Draconian Treasure Chests for THE BEST CHANCE at the new Draconian Full set costume, Draconian Accessory full set or other awesome items!

Splendid Draconian Treasure Chest: 990 EMP

Splendid Draconian Treasure Chest Bundle (11 Boxes): 9900

Click here to purchase the box of your choice!

Rare chance items:

  • Draconian 10-Piece Full Set (Visual Frame Ticket included)
  • Draconian Accessory Full Set
  • Draconian Wings
  • Draconian Circlet
  • Draconian Scales
  • Draconian Eye
  • Draconian 6-Piece Clothing Set
  • 3-star White Cat Club Full Set
  • Guaranteed SS D Fabric Treatment Special
  • Guaranteed S D Fabric Treatment
  • Mini Awakened Tiamat Pet Container

High Chance items:

  • Draconian Costume Piece Random Box
  • +13 Gear Booster Pouch
  • +12 Gear Booster Pouch
  • 2-star Autumn School [A] Full Set
  • 2-star Autumn School [B] Full Set
  • 2-star Autumn School [C] Full Set
  • 3-star Boss Phase Wings Random Box (Tradeable)
  • Superior D Fabric Treatment Special
  • Superior D Fabric Treatment
  • Mini Summer Gremory Pet Container
  • Mini Dr. Gremory Pet Container
  • Mini Dust Pet Adult Container
  • Alpha Equalizer
  • Hyperclocked Equalizer
  • Real Platinum Driver
  • Slot Type Modification Tool
  • Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
  • Transcendental Elixir
  • Gremory's Special Dimensional Box
  • 15-Day Elite Status Voucher Box (Tradeable)

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