Tina Second Promotion

Hi people,

I've just reached level 42, and began the set of promotion quests. Currently, I have 4/5 sticky residue, and I was wondering where I could get the last one? I have tried to buy it at the black market, but my inventory seems to still think I only have 4?

Best regards,



  • Because you havent redeemed it from the purchased items tab

    You can craft sticky residues like this:

    50 Tacky residue -> 5 gummy residue -> 1 sticky residue

  • Ohh, thank you so much. It's been a while since I've played (2-3 years maybe?), and when I did in the past,I only did very briefly (iirc, they didn't have tina yet) on code:closers then left to return to voidels, which may it rip now, so I never got so far to promotions.

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