Future revamps, raid, characters and plans for KR

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2020 is gonna be a good year.

New unique team costume sets, changing characters directly from town, account pets and pet visual slots, off-stage transcendance set effects, chip system rework, new legion commander Asmodeus.

KR has some sort of winter event, 5 jump characters and support, also 300 washers and +15 booster!!

Also a bonus:


  • Some more information~
    Name: Kim Cheolsoo / Mirae
    Class: Noname / Reaper

    Meme leak reduced.

    off-stage trans so like, if you had t2 mod and t3 mod, you now get a set effect.

    New unique costume/team costume system; the first set is Shining Star. Each team has their own song/theme with different music genre.

  • Ah, also Reaper is the first Rattus character, launching 12.12 and prereg is available now :)

  • And yet no graphical update to the starting zones after all this time. Newer areas look great, why can't they take a few days to make Guro Station not look like it came from a low-res camera? I mean they're updating Character models (which look pretty good, they have a nice charm), come on!

    Also going to say I love Rattun as a group. It's rare to see mice / rats be represented in games.

    Also Also I really hope they do a full roll-out for both NA and Korea with updates. Game is divided as it is, why not make it easier for people to communicate instead of one group being six months behind the other?

  • This update look awesome, I'm hyped even through it won't come to our server for a long time. <3

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