Chibi [Black and White]

  • Headshot: 100m:500 EMP
  • Chest shot: 150m:750 EMP
  • Waist shot: 200m:1000 EMP
  • Full body shot: 250m:1250 EMP

Chibi [Colored]

  • Head shot: 150m:750 EMP
  • Chest shot: 200m:1000 EMP
  • Waist shot: 250m:1250 EMP
  • Fullbody shot: 300m:1500 EMP

Normal [Black and White]

  • Headshot: 200m:1000 EMP
  • Chest shot: 250m:1250 EMP
  • Waist shot: 300m:1500 EMP
  • Full body shot: 350m:2000EMP
    Normal [Colored]**

  • Head shot: 250m:1250 EMP

  • Chest shot: 300m:1500 EMP
  • Waist shot: 350m:2000 EMP
  • Fullbody shot: 400m:3000 EMP

additional BG: +200m:1000 EMP
deadline: +100m:500 EMP

Want to see some samples?

Requirements on Commissioning
you have to give me the reference of the character that I will draw.
I need the following views: front, back, left and right view of your closers character
Click Me for Examples
In-Game: Y0naSama | Gudak0
Discord: UNINSTALLY0na#7777

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