+14/+15 Gear Boosting Event! - December 9 to 23

December is a huge month for Closers, with two content updates you won’t want to miss: Task Force Good Fellas Levia on Monday, December 9, and Task Force Good Fellas Misteltein on Monday, December 23.

These updates are bringing big changes to the game, including a serious leap forward in character power with new gear—from the upcoming Beelzebub 12-player raid—that can be enhanced to +17!

To get you ready for all this awesome, starting on December 9 you want to log in for three special playtime rewards: GearBooster Fuel I ×100 at login, GearBooster Fortifier × 10 at 100 minutes, and a +14 Gear Booster at 200 minutes of accumulated playtime.

And as a special reward for people who’ve already done the work to get some +15 Purification or Contamination Hell items, you don’t even have to wait that long! After maintenance on December 9, we’ll award your account with Gear Boosters and Enhancement Renewal reward boxes based on how many items you’ve already maxed out.

You can use these enhancement items to fill out the rest of your kit, but it’s a better idea to hold on to them for the next phase of the P23 Enhancement Renewal. Because during Task Force Good Fellas Misteltein (December 23–January 6), the cost of enhancing any piece of gear drops to just 1 credit!

So get ready for an incredible month of beat-‘em-up, anime action. The world’s not going to save itself!

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