Let's Get Ready for Beelzebub!

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December 23, Beelzebub, a new, savagely tough 12 player raid debuts as a part of the Task Force Good Fellas update.

This new dungeon also comes with new gear pieces, which are not only the most powerful drops in the game, but can be enhanced to +17!

To make room for all this awesome, we're doing a little housekeeping, which includes improvements to the enhancement system.


You can use your existing enhancement materials on gear you have (or earn) right up until maintenance at 3 p.m. PST (2300 UTC) on Monday, December 9. Or, you can save your items to craft into new materials to use on Beelzebub gear later in the month.

After maintenance, you'll have access to the new and improved enhancement system, and all existing enhancement items will go into renewal. You can craft your existing stock into new items, and there will also be a login event through which you can earn new enhancement items every day. We'll also be sending special rewards to players who reached +15 on Purification and Contamination Hell items (see below for details).

And when Beelzebub (and Beelzebub gear) drops on December 23, we'll kick off a special enhancement event lowering the cost of all enhancements to just 1 credit! So you can make sure you log in from December 9 onward to claim new enhancement items, then use them at a massively reduced cost on December 23!

Enhancement Update - all this coming to you

Simpler, tidier, more powerful enhancement

18 different enhancement items? 6 different possible outcomes each? No thanks! Put away the notepad and calculator, and stop worrying about feeling contaminated, lost or reset. Let's get back to the simpler life where failure risks are less and the only things to think about are Success, No Change, and Failure (-1).

Say hello to:

  • GearBooster Fuel
  • Lucky GearBooster Fuel (higher chances of getting a success over +1)
  • GearBooster Fortifier - complete protection, use this and Failure won't hurt you. 100% protection! From one item! Yes! We're excited too.
  • GearBooster +10 (take your gear straight up to +10)
  • GearBooster +11 and then all the way up to GearBooster +16

Say goodbye to:

  • Failsafes
  • Antiseptics
  • Binders
  • Fortifiers
  • A multitude of less impactful boosters!

Check out the trade in (item restoration) rates below.

Gear Enhancement Level Transfer

You've done the hard work to enhance high end gear. The new Gear Enhancement Transfer System allows you to move progress from one gear to another gear by right-clicking on one of these beauties .

That will take you to the Enhancement Transfer window where you can examine how many enhancement levels will be transferred across and how that will improve your gear's stats. You can turn +15 on a enhancement on your old gear into a +14 on new gear (or +13 if you use the cheaper Gear Enhancement item!).

  • An important note about the Enhancement Transfer devices, they will only transfer enhancements from high level Purification Ops/Contamination Hell to the NEW Beelzebub gear.

Level up your gear faster than ever as you bring more of your hard work up through the tiers. Get the most out of Beelzebub fast!

Get feverish with the new Enhancement Buff Voucher!

Use an Enhancement Buff Voucher to increase your enhancement success chances across your account.

Once you activate your voucher your success chances go up, and any enhancement attempt that doesn't succeed increases your fever points. As you get more feverish, your chances go up even further. Get to maximum fever and your chances go up even more.

The cost of enhancement attempts goes down for gear at +10 to +15

Your enhancement buff fever ends when the time runs out or you victoriously enhance your item.

Log in to get rewards

To celebrate the new system, we have an extra login event from 9 December to 23 December, all players can receive fantastic new enhancement items. Check out our patch notes for all the other fantastic login events!

Time Reward
Login GearBooster Fuel x100
100 Minutes GearBooster Fortifier x 10
200 Minutes +14 Gear Booster!

Starting with maintenance December 23 and finishing January 1, there will be a server wide event where the cost for enhancing gear pieces is only 1 credit!

Chase that feeling!

If you're one of the special few that have got to +15 on the following high end gear we want to celebrate your achievements. After maintenance on December 9 we'll deliver to you extra rewards.

  • IF you have enhanced 6 pieces of gear to +15, you will be rewarded with a +16 Gear Booster. The only catch is that you will have to save it for when Beelzebub arrives.
  • Pro tip: Save your NEW enhancement materials that you get from P23 for enhancing Beelzebub gear!

Enhancement Renewal Box I Enhancement Renewal Box II Enhancement Renewal Box III
GearBooster Fuel 1 x100 GearBooster Fuel I x200 GearBooster Fuel 1 x500
GearBooster Vaccine x10 GearBooster Vaccine x20 GearBooster Vaccine x50
Enhancement Buff Voucher x1 Lucky GearBooster Fuel x5 Lucky GearBooster Fuel x10
Enhancement Buff Voucher x 1 Enhancement Buff Voucher x1
Advanced Gear Level Transfer x1 Advanced Gear Level Transfer x1

Beelzebub will arrive on Monday December 23 as part of the Task Force Good Fellas Misteltein update. So the question is, can you wait until then to try out your new powerful Enhancement items?

Min/Max the Changes

Whenever we simplify the system, you know we'll help you transform your old gear. Use Item Renovation at any loyal crafting station and exchange old stuff for new stuff.

To get the most out Item Renovation, here's the exchange rate. You can decide what you might want to get more of or use up before 9 December.

+1 Gear Booster 1 Gear Booster +13 / GearBooster Fortifier 1
-1 Gear Booster 4 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Atomized Prototype Fuel I 1 GearBooster +12 1
Atomized Prototype Fuel II 1 GearBooster +11 1
Enhancement Antiseptic 12 GearBooster Fortifier 1
Enhancement Binder 12 GearBooster Fortifier 1
Enhancement Boost I 165 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Boost II 2 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Catalyst 15 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Enhancement Failsafe 12 GearBooster Fortifier 1
Enhancement Fortifier 4 GearBooster Fortifier 1
GearBooster Fuel III 330 GearBooster Fuel I 1
GearBooster Fuel IV 10 GearBooster Fuel I 1
Prototype Fuel I 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel II 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel III 1 GearBooster +10 1
Prototype Fuel IV 1 GearBooster +10 1
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