Regarding +15 rewards packages

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On 12/9, we completed the release of the "Task Force Good Fellas: Levia" patch, which includes a newly revamped enhancement system.

As part of this patch, we want to celebrate the achievement of those that enhanced their Purification or Contamination Hell gear all the way to +15. We planned to deliver these rewards as soon as maintenance completed, but unfortunately we are currently experiencing a technical difficulty that is delaying those rewards.

There is also a change to when some of the rewards will be delivered. Players possessing a +15 Purification or Contamination Hell item will receive an item titled "Enhancement Renewal Reward Box". This will be delivered when the system is ready. We are actively working to get this reward delivered today (12/09 PST as of this posting), however delivery may be delayed slightly. We will update this post when rewards start going out.

The second part of the reward is a gear booster item. This item will be delivered 12/23 after maintenance, with the next Closers update (Beezlebub).

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and hope you have fun in the current "Task Force Good Fellas: Levia" patch.

Update 12/09 11:00 PM PST: Delivery of the +15 Enhancement Renewal Reward Boxes is delayed. We will receive an updated version of the tool we need on 12/10 and attempt to deliver the rewards again. This post will be updated when reward delivery begins.

Update 12/10 6:00 PM PST: Delivery of the +15 Enhancement Renewal Reward Boxes will begin immediately and should take no longer than 6 hours to complete.

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