Beezlebub DC/Crash/Rejoin Problems need to be fixed asap

First run 5 people crashed and were unable to rejoin due to the rejoin feature also being broken and returning users to the hub, it's unfortunate that a fun raid is being ruined by the massive amount of dcs/crashing people are experiencing.

If anything please hotfix the rejoin feature to actually work, it feels awful crashing only to come back and be forced to take the rank F rewards because of the rejoin feature failing.


  • I dced at 1+am and I couldn't rejoin; it was very late so i just asked everyone to go on. It was very frustrating for me. Please fix this issue. (and the raid time)

  • Can confirm, rejoin is bugged so anytime another bug occurs that forces you to dc. And thus F rank and a couple hours of sleep and entry reward is wasted. Given how long it takes to queue up only to have a coin toss chance of being kicked or ending the run for your squadmates, it is probably not really worth running raid seriously until it gets more stable...

    Also as Naomikho pointed out, timezone is an issue. Personally need to stay up til 12am, or wake up and find a queue well before 10am.

  • DCing is bad enough, but being forced to take the rank F rewards is a real kick to the teeth. I hope there's some sort of compensation for each raid day that this persists... Oh and by the way, overflow is still bugged too if all of you at EME wouldn't mind fixing that too. It's been three weeks. :#

  • RieidRieid Member

    Really annoying problem in my opinion, so far been able to do this raid normally only 1 time, all the other ended up in me or sometimes several people on it unable to finish it due the problem.

    On a side note: Not directly related to this problem but I feel that Naddic should change the way in which the server handles limited entry dungeons disconnections. It is extremely annoying to get dcd or sometimes even kicked out of the dungeon for no apparent reason, and not only lose the entry item but also the chance to even do some of those dungeons, as example:

    You are doing hell overflow , you get to the last part, a disconnection message pops up and you get ported out to the hub... not even dcd, just kicked out of your own run. Not only you lost your daily entry and the item used for it, but also all the items from the run, since you get the rewards once you finish, that is complete bull...

    The server should either give you the corresponding reward every time you finish a room or if you got dcd before finishing allow you to try again.

    Other example: you are on the loading screen of any limited entry dungeon and your client crash at %100 loading... BOOM you lost your entry. It doesn't matter that it was loading screen for you, for the server you were inside, so you can go F.. yourself...

    I know some people probably gonna say who cares, you can do it the next day which is true, but try to farm hundreds of items during weeks or even months, and several of those troll dcs, game crashes or kick back to the hub will end up triggering you...

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