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Uses for reanimators apart from transcending wolf/hoff trinkets?

I've got a bunch of them lying around collecting dust.

Also, this might be a stupid question but how does the beelzebub raid work? How do you join?


  • In the future, reanimators will be used again yes. Gotta save a good chunk of about 300-400 reanims for when Busan chapter 1 comes out, cuz with it comes the Busan gear (mods and receiver specifically, tho receiver isn't that great so only get the mod)

  • Reanimators can be used for crafting Gear booster fuel I (20 per week/ 10 per craft) and for crafting SS gear tuners (5 per week/ 30 per craft i think).

    You can join BB raid every even day (tues/ thurs/ sat) in a 10 hour window UTC+0 1400-0200. After completing the main story quest in Dream theater reverse, within the time period, you will be able to enter the BB raid by either creating or finding a group.

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