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Are our patches going to be three weeks apart instead of two now?

If our patches are going to be three weeks apart now wouldn't we fall further and further behind? All the things in KR Closers that we working towards, aka new areas, new team and characters, costumes, system revamps, balance changes. I imagine most people who care for the game look at KR updates at least a little bit.
I also feel that our server needs special attention. Because currently the market is very dead, the Box and Consumables sections are much, much emptier than a couple weeks ago. And they are consistently empty. Also that new* enhancing system needs worked on, extremely tiny amount of sources for the new fuel and the price on the black market just increases each week because of the demand. Not to mention when they are listed on the BM there are very few of them and always max unit price.(If they get bought consistently at max unit price then the max price the following week gets adjusted to be higher) Need more sources or better drop rates or some kind of band-aid fix event.
My last concern is the Contribution shop needs updated. Hyperclocks are good yes, but becomiing more and more outdated. Can you please add Alpha Equalizers to the shop. Some other items too like maybe Gearbooster Fuels :^) Also at some point during the Hoffman/Hunter's Night patch in KR they got reduced prices on nearly everything in their contribution shop, credits and points needed were both reduced on most items. Can I ask for EME to look into that? I've been waiting for that one specifically for quite awhile but we never got it...


  • BekirBekir Member

    Eme, I don't think you'il answer that.
    If the moderator answers; I will forward this to Eme.
    In short, nothing has any answer.
    Eme, I don't think you care about this game anymore.
    Looking at the Eme policy, I don't think you'd even care to close this game.
    The only reason people leave the game is; Eme management.
    Because Eme is not alive; as a result does not live in the game.

  • RieidRieid Member
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    Not sure if they really are making the 3 weeks apart content a permanent thing. It could also just be either Emme or Naddic taking vacation or something.

    I have to say that I completely agree in most of what you are saying here. They really should pay more attention to the in game economy and game population in general. I can clearly see that the BM seems way more dead than it used to be. I may be completely wrong but there seem to be less people injecting cash shop items to the game and also less people running dungeons and raids in general. Also the few thing that are put on bm are probably immediately bought by the billionaires in game. There is a few items that luckily you can still get at reasonable price but still we can see the decline in general.

    They at least should make some good sale for their spenders in order to boost their sales a bit.

    They also should do something in order to bring back some of the people that left.
    What can they do about that? Not sure what can bring people back permanently to be honest. But there were some events in the past that at least gave good rewards, new ones seem to be way more... how to put it... not very atractive.
    The scavengers event is actually really funny, it is kind of like a Power rangers parody, problem is that once you know the story the rewards are the only thing left, and most people do events for the rewards and not for the lore.

    In the past I remember some event gave permanent 3 stars Camilla costume effect wings, you could even get this in multiple characters, but it was bound so no abuse chance there.
    In some other event they also gave some bound random signature acc part. I even end up buying a full DC set for my Violet thanks to a single free and bounded part they gave at the time.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that they should give everything for free, I am fully aware that this is a business for them and that they need the money. But in my opinion if they give a good reason for people to login and play the game, there are more chances that people keep playing.

    As example: if they do some event that gives only garbage, no one is gonna really care, but if they give something really cool once in a while many people will jump back into the game, not only that but also many of those who are not high spenders may feel tempted to spend real money, or even if they don't spend real money, at least they indirectly will do it by buying stuff from cash shop players. This would also make people to at least be constantly looking at their news section looking for the cool event....

    In my opinion the current update is actually pretty cool, but I am one of the people that constantly play the game, so this content is indeed targeting people like me that has been playing the game non stop, and also maybe a few that quit for a few months and decided to come back for the new raid and gears. But not sure if a guy who quit ages ago is gonna care about a raid that he is probably not even gonna be able to do.

    There is also the problem that you are never going to please everyone, so there will be always people that want some sort of thing, while others want the opposite, this will inevitably leads to people rage quitting the game.

  • YonggYongg Member, Player Council

    Patches will remain on a 2 week cycle

  • MuryokuMuryoku Member
    edited January 7

    Around the exact same time last year, and probably the yeat before it, patches moved to a 3 week cycle for a bit due to xmas and new year. Give the team some rest lol.

  • @Bekir said:

    If the moderator answers; I will forward this to Eme.


  • they are just taking their Xmas break. lots of mmo publishers take break at the end of the year. we will be back to updates every two weeks. it would still be nice to hear something from EME though, please update the development roadmap so we have some idea of what to expect this year.

    @Rieid said:
    There is also the problem that you are never going to please everyone, so there will be always people that want some sort of thing, while others want the opposite, this will inevitably leads to people rage quitting the game.

    very true, there will always be players unhappy about some of the updates and most of them are probably endgame players. in the end Naddic decides what updates we get next not EME so it is not the publishers fault if we don't always get the update we want. not every revolves around you, I wasn't all that excited about the Good Fellas TF update cause I don't use any of those characters as main characters but I know there are some players that will enjoy the update. if some players choose rage quit just cause they didn't get the update they want then they are going to miss out on a lot fun games and updates. Closers has been getting positive reviews from Steam players recently that are new players. if you are a endgame player there is a much higher chance you will be impatient, unhappy, or feel entitled to certain updates. this is the case for most players in any mmo community really.

  • VagathVagath Member

    Any ingame change is probably infeasible, because they are just the publishers not the developers. Also Closers is not an mmo lol

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