Gensokyo crew 1 and Gensokyo crew 2 accepts newbies and all levels

Veterans and new comers are accepted in my crew be part of my global league that has more than 100,000 members we are global with a span range of over a dozen mmos to social media our reach extends to Japanese closers its good helping out the newbies when they are new to the crew I have a discord link that I constantly update it is best to join the discord group as well if I accidentally kick you from the crew while you in the discord group you can be reinvited back into crew we refer active people whose willing to help out or be ready to carry on hard missions that includes tiamet I have many people that will love to have me as their own guild leader I been leading guilds for many years I come with experience I am good my rules isn't confusing I tend not to be strict to my members I don't force people to go to pvp against their will I just do my best as a leader to rep up the dungeons to increase exp in the areas .

Our apply to crew is always open please be active and join the discord link if I send you one if you don't have discord you can always reach me on FB

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