Seth- a boy or a girl?

So this whole time I have thought Seth was a girl. I WANT Seth to be a girl. KitTeaCup refers to Seth as she. The patch notes refer to Seth as him. Which is it?! Please be a girl, the character is so cool!


  • BekirBekir Member

    Seth; wild monster is a girl :D

  • a1gundama1gundam Member
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    Anna + Sekhmet = Seth.

    So a girl.

  • a1gundama1gundam Member
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    Actually now that I think about it, as I remember it,

    Seth is basically Sekhmet (dimensional monster weapon) controlling Anna's body.

    Sorry for double post.

  • I think Seth is just a kid, she sometimes speaks in 3rd person, sometimes call herself a boy; sometimes a girl

  • TarasikTarasik Member
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    I think that technically Seth should be referred to as "it" rather than "he" or "she".

    EDIT: Actually, if we take into account the manner in which Seth identifies oneself, Seth identifies as Anna (she) and Sekhmet (it) as Seth. Therefore, you should refer to Seth as "she-it".

  • I shall now refer to Seth as "she-it"

  • It's just typo / translation errors. There are tons of them in game if you read the story. Seth's original name is Sekhmet, aka name of an Egyptian Warrior Goddess.

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