Anyone know how to fix this?

I installed closers today on steam as I came across it searching for something to play, I run the game and play the tutorial, All the textures are misplaces and the character is T-posing, I go through the tutorial as it may just be the tutorial, it happened in the hub aswell, I tried installing the game again, changing the video settings and using the repair.
Basically textures don't load or are misplaced and everyone is T-posing as if they are a rig which just spawned.
To give an idea of what I'm talking about I recorded this:


  • BekirBekir Member

    I've been playing for years, I met for the first time.
    i laughed a lot while watching :smile::smile:
    Create a ticket and send it to the support team, they will help you.

  • ArrkkArrkk Member

    Alright, Thank you.

  • The power of God and anime is on your side, use it wisely :D

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    Im having same problem tried everything and its still same. need help. And i was playing the game before i just redownloaded then this happened.

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