Gear Booster

just a silly question i just noticed now that the enhancement material has been change, where do I get the Gear Booster Fuel I?


  • Matter mixer => comsumables
    You can craft them for 10 reanimators each (20 crafts per week, reset tuesday)
    Otherwise you can drop them for dopple, also had some on tiamat but tbh i dont remember all the stages where we drop them. And in Item renovation (from the matter mixer) you can exchange the old items for enhancing into the new ones.

  • In addition to the above post, the current event sector and most raid bosses drop them randomly. I've found them from Puri bosses and reward boxes from one of the Special Ops sectors (can't remember which).

  • JadeClosersJadeClosers Member
    edited January 29

    Tiamat EB2 drops have been replaced with GBF1s, EB1 drops have been replaced with 1 gold statue
    (Actually all EB2 drops have been replaced with GBF1s)

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