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  • @Shadowh8ter said: Lol either way, like I said, this thread ain't that important. You seem to misunderstand bud, I've been a part of about a dozen active threads over the past week, so again, your thread ain't that important, and I'd be a lot less toxic if you were a lot less ignorant.

    Ignorant = proving you wrong?

    Come on, i already debunked any point you could have and even your made up numbers.

    Using your own logic i should be insulting you, because i objectively proved you are wrong and your claims are ignorant but i don't need to do it to prove my point.

    Because i am a decent person.

    "This thread isn't important" is a weak co-opt answer.

    @Shadowh8ter said:The game is very positive on steam you entitled child, go fuck yourself with your echo chamber. If it was actually a problem on steam then it'd be mixed at best, but it's not. It's almost like a small minority of the playerbase keep talking amongst each other and they think they're the majority! It's adorable honestly, that you think your opinion is popular.

    Says the person that doesn't even even know you have to buy it first to review it, meaning people turned off by the stamina didn't really had the possibility to review it negatively.

    Which means...your argument was proved wrong again.

    I guess you have never used steam.

    Not only you made crappy arguments about things you don't know about, you can't even do them without insulting.

    That's sad.

    @Shadowh8ter said:Lol if anything in my logic and reasoning is wrong then state why what I said is wrong, people are allowed to deduct what will happen in the future. Either explain to me what about my reasoning is wrong, or forfeit your opinion on the matter, that's how this works.

    I already said so, your numbers are way off from reality.

    And the fact stamina was removed from other games and they didn't suddenly collapsed.

    So not only you can't math correctly, you can't even read.

    @Shadowh8ter said: As for your whole they could simply not change the values, you aren't taking into consideration likelyhood at all. If they were to do that then they'd have an awful game, because the game's numbers and values are designed around the fact people have a fatigue limit. A game where everyone hits cap right away, in game currency is devalued due to an absurdly easy acquisition rate, and where rare items hold no value, the game would lose plenty of players as a result. That's not random guesses, that's called problem solving skills. What would most likely happen if x were to take place, didn't they teach you this in like second grade.


    You mean like EnMasse saying they are eager to listen and change things?

    Another argument proved wrong.

    Don't you think before speak? After being proved wrong repeatedly in the post above one would think you would learn and take a second to think what the hosting company said regarding it.

    I admit after looking at it, I did do the math wrong. Was in insult mode, so I'll simply change the angle of my argument, where I'm still in the right.

    You asked if you were wrong to point it out to you 2 quotes above IF you were proven wrong, now you admit it. Did you think before you write? Because if you did you wouldn't be asking a question you would answer yourself few sentences later.

    One of the biggest points to keep stamina like it is was that people would play a ridiculously high amount of hours, but even if double the amount of stamina it would be a negligible amount per week.

    In the case they doubled stamina, playing around 1 hour per day doesn't seem outrageous.

    And if they removed their stamina, I highly doubt they didn't lower their currency acquisition rate, and if they didn't lower their acquisition rates, then I'd also have to know other factors about the game. Does the game's in game currency economy thrive off rare drops from dungeons and or real currency to in game currency trades? If not then the fatigue system wouldn't make a difference, other than the fact players would hit end game exceptionally fast, unless they lowered exp rates, or if the game just had an awful leveling system to begin with and people were used to just gunning it for end game.

    You can "highly doubt" whatever you want, that doesn't make it true.

    I am speaking of **reality **and what other games did or didn't and the result.

    What you baselessly think will happen is worth nothing compared to reality.

    The thing is, with or without stamina games develop inflation at a constant rate, it doesn't play a role. Also it doesn't play a role on the fact a game would shutdown or not, otherwise Atlantica wouldn't have lasted 6 years after they removed their stamina system.

    That's a fact, as you may have seen in above screenshots.

    Elswords currency isn't even bloated lol. It's not that hard to get a 5/5 IB set as a free user, you just have to work for it. Running Henir dailies, selling drops, doing 4D services, selling secret dungeon materials and drops, etc. You won't be able to get a 3/3 or a 4/4 in Elsword as a free player easily, but you aren't supposed to, IB accessories and weapons are very valuable and stat heavy, so it's obvious free players wouldn't be able to get them. Elswords economy isn't bloated just because the numbers look big.

    So around 4 billion (4,000,000,000) for 1 set of armor in a game isn't a inflated economy? I noticed you changed from "inflated" to "bloated", but it matters not.

    It's not about "you can earn it if work for it", it's if the amount of currency circulating in the game is too much.

    And 4 billion for a single set being the norm is something that would happen in an inflated economy.

    Many of the IBs pieces i sold in the past (as in years ago) have more than tripled their price from 200m to 650m+.

    This, once again, proves what i said above: Stamina won't change anything if you care about inflation.

    I was able to admit I was wrong in an instance, tho my overall point is still correct, that the game gains nothing from unlimited fatigue, and you're still entitled for thinking you deserve unlimited fatigue when no other server besides JP has it.

    Considering we don't know how many people weren't interested in the game on steam because of the stamina system, i think you cannot substantiate that bold claim.

    EnMasse is open to feedback regarding it because they know it's important and it's impact on how the game is perceived by western public is pretty big.

    Plus, like you said JP has it, which if true, disproves the "it's too much of a change so they won't do it" statement.

    @Shadowh8ter said: I mean, you can get a character level 60 in like a week and a half, I don't see what the issue with account fatigue is rofl.

    Did you really made the math to claim you can get to lv 60 in a week and half with the current stamina?

    If you did, i would like to see your evidence of it, a chart with numbers.

    Otherwise it would be another made up number.

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