02/24/2020 - "Packing for Busan" Discussion

Feel free to discuss the new patch, "Packing for Busan" right here! Here are some key features of this update:

  • Divine battle is back with Liberal Arts vs. Science!
  • It's time to prepare for Busan, with tons of login and crafting events!
  • The Imperial Guard costume is now available in Bitna's shop!

For full patch notes, please visit HERE.

We look forward to hearing what you think!


  • RieidRieid Member
    edited February 25

    One thing I notice is that at least for me screen capture seems to finally be fixed.
    In the past I had to copy the capture into paint or some other image manipulation software in order to save it to computer, now the game is able to save it to Users/Username/Documents/CLOSERS
    So kudos for fixing that.

  • We're never going to get the In Wonderland set, are we. ;;

  • FIX THE CYBER EVENT NPC. The robo is gone in the dust while it's being a ''proceeding'' event npc. It should've been a hot fix and compensate players who missed out on the event materials.

  • I wonder if the korean version has a "UI Scale" option. Closers has a huge ui and i just cant understand why they dont let we adjust it

  • When will new characters come?

  • This game is dead lol. Closed by the end of the year 100%.

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