Haven't played this game since 2018. Is it still alive?

Back in 2018 i really enjoyed this game but pc brokedown and got a laptop and never decided to get back the game but a serious question right now,
is the game still alive and well? Since ive had the mmo itch once again.


  • BekirBekir Member
    edited March 19

    If you want to enjoy the game well, you should play the game
    I've been back again for 5 months and i playing
    There are only bot online players in the forum, they do read and not respond to the topic :smile:

  • occaocca Member

    new player here so far there seem to be no people anywhere
    sure you can join a crew this would just mean your with a few people that play
    I am saying out in the wild there are few people
    so few the ones you see are either super high level or super low level
    people that play have played a long time or new players that are trying it out
    lately there have been some rants by the old folks
    complaining about the new population or I should say newbs

  • Well, the game is not that famous like others but I'd say is doing fine, the majority of players are on endgame zones be Planar Gate or Reverse Fantasy.

  • VagathVagath Member

    I mean the servers are up so you can play it if you wish to. However, the black market might as well be removed, since it is completely dead. The playerbase has been in a steady decline since launch to the suprise of nobody. Fianlly, the icing on the cake is that the latest "update" Busan is garbage, the only worth mention thing is lvl 87 cap.

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