Defying death

basically the meaning is not beatable
why oh why are some skills given that term but the character can still be knocked out

I suggest changing the skill wording or give the player warning in a way they know they are wearing a fake invincibility

normal playing of the game the skills work - no problem
but some bosses have those silly mechanics that defy the logical term
as a new player many boss skills are not evident as antilogic crack defense attacks but cause frustration as how to deal with them
because you can't depend on the learned Invincible defense
you have to learn something else that is not even mentioned in the game the blink dodge
even the Cancel ability is not completely invincible

to the older folks playing for a long time I can see how you were just tossed into the stew
those old end game missions looked like they were quite a mess to deal with too
I don't think those have anti logic attacks though

I did see this is how you had to learn to fly

you need to add a gimmick mission to learn to fly
even if its just for cheap rewards
only way to win is to fly for longer than is required for most boss missions
maybe even addon for precise moving while flying


  • KittaroKittaro Member

    Menu => guide => scroll to the end => monster warning guide
    It shows how skills react to the type of aoes and shows which ones cant be avoided with iframes

  • KittaroKittaro Member

    Also i dont udnerstand what you mean by "fly", we dont fly in that game .-.

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