FPS drop

Hi. After the latest update, i started experiencing sudden fps drops. I'm using radeon rx570, AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with radeon vega graphics cpu type, gddr5 memory type. Before the update, the game is doing fine and all. But after the latest update, I started getting fps drops that i have to keep resetting every 20mins or less. I tried clicking repair on launcher and run diagnostics, but nothing happened. The fps still drops until i have to re-log in. Does anyone knows how to fix this? Am i the only one experiencing this? Thanks.


  • Closers is just poorly optimized and is known to have a memory leak issue. luckily on April 9th Closers KR is to upgrade Closers to a 64 bit client instead of a 32 bit client like we currently have. this will also update the graphics for characters and older areas and hopefully they will optimize Closers better as well fixing some of the issues the game has. not sure when the update will reach the Enmasse servers but it is still something to look forward to.

  • So... there's nothing I can do with the sudden fps drop? I wonder why I'm having fps drop... my friend who plays too doesnt have any problems with fps... is there no way to fix this? :(

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