WTB Tina's blue/white academy legs, Tina's Mephisto rifle/Wedding rifle

For those interested, the price can be negotiated but i will list the price that I'll willing to pay for the costumes.

-Tina's academy legs(preferably blue academy) 2* - 70mil
-Tina's Mephisto rifle 2* - 65mil
-Tina's Wedding rifle(any,preferably the black or the white one) 2* - 155mil

Preferably that you sell me Tina's wedding rifle instead of Mephisto's rifle and I don't mind trading as well.


  • Update:

    -Still have not gotten any offers. Please sell me the mentioned costumes if you have them sitting around and have no use for it.

    Also, I don't mind the star rarity of the costumes but try to sell me a 2* or lower.

  • Update 2:

    -Increased the suggested price for the items to encourage more people to sell them.
    -Tina's blue/white academy legs - 80mil
    -Tina's Mephisto rifle - 88mil
    -Tina's Wedding rifle(Black or white variant) - 210mil

    btw im also buying the hollow knight costumes pieces. If anyone is interested, im buying the shield for 280mil.

  • Update:
    Hollow knight shield bought.

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