So i came back after 2years played this game .So i quit b/c of how old ass + gear work where u need gear fuel and a - fuel and pray in rng u hit great success to balance it out.So a guildmate of mines tell me naw back then less rng to much rng now a days to gear up. Got me wondering u srs every where i turn its a +14 if u play back in the day only few ppl have +14. Plz tell me where rng from back then compare now. Cuz the way i see it back when i played we aint got no dam s or ss-c tunes fabric/componet tune option,all we had was that plat status and that was bs . Now every 1 got +14 where back then when tiamat's raid came out how may had + 14. So i ask of thos older player who been here since beta or launch with a hefty heart how da fk back then less rng then now. PLZ FKEN ENLIGHTEN ME.


  • Regarding your issue on +14, they removed the destruction on failure portion so summarily put:

    Did the success rate increase? No.

    Did it get easier to enhance? Yes

    So you can brute force it as long as you're willing to spend the fuels for it

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