UPDATED Steam Launcher issue April 20

We are aware of an issue affecting Steam Launcher updates for the recent April 20 patch. We are working on a solution, but have found a workaround.


If you updated your Closers client through Steam on April 20 between 6:20 PM PDT and 8:00 PM PDT (UTC: April 21, 01:30 – 03:30) and are unable to enter the game, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to your Closers game install location. To quickly find your game install location follow these instructions
    a. Right-Click Closers in your Steam game library list,
    b. Select Properties
    c. Click on the Local Files tab
    d. Click the Browse Local Files button
  2. Navigate to the following path **closers\DAT**
  3. Delete the following four files
  4. In Steam, again Right-Click Closers in your library list and select Properties
  5. Click on the Local Files tab
  6. Click the Verify Integrity of Game Files button
  7. Once steam compete file validating your game files, launch Closers with the PLAY button

If removing the four files listed above does not work to resolve your issue, you may need to manually delete your Closers install and re-install with Steam Note: Steam uninstall function alone will not resolve the issue. You need to manually delete the game folder.

  1. Locate your games local install directory
  2. Use Steam's uninstall function and uninstall Closers
  3. Manually delete the remaining Closers folder in your Steam Library
  4. Install Closers through Steam

We realize not all players can easily re-download the 10g game. We are still looking for an easier solution.
If you are able to re-install, that could be the quickest solution.

We appreciate your understanding.

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