anyone thought of the game should make all past costumes available at all time? Returning players like me can't even buy the costumes especially since nobody sells it on BM anymore.


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    unfortunally this is what closers have become whit 15 characters, less player base, greedy community and a greedy publisher it was just a matter of time soon will have 17 characters and more to come things will get even worse.
    I alway said that i rater would pay 10$ for each character outfit than use bitna , they can make A variant bitna exclusive for whales but B,C,D alway should be on the store and that for a inexistent player base like this one is a MUST.

    As for myself bitna was ok wen there was only 5 characters i got pieces from her and bought the ones i didnt get from bm now thats is imposible whit both options so i prefer use my money in other games not rng based where i can bought outfits from stores and dont need gacha

    Closers golden era is long gone

  • Yes! I absolutely 100% agree with you. Please put all the costumes on sale as packs in the EMP store, if not at least what Kreiser explained and have all the non-A variants be always sold in the store. Even if they're like $20-$30+ each that would still be better than having to deal with all the RNG and rolling useless items in the washing machines.

    Most recent example of this kind of thing being possible is the Domestic set. The A and B variants have been added to the store, while C and D were relegated to washing machine only.

    More people would be less hesitant to spend money on this game if getting most costumes didn't involve the washing machine mechanic or limited time windows in which costumes are available. I know I would spend more money. Only offering the seasonal costumes during certain time periods I kind of understand, like the Halloween and Summer sets, but the rest of the costumes should always be available. It is extremely difficult to get older costumes now, or really any costume that simply is not in the current washing machine rotation, unless you constantly refresh the BM and/or are willing to pay exorbitant amounts of credits to get them from other players. And even if you decide to do the latter, you always run the risk of the costumes being sniped off of the BM by someone else.

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    For the most part this is out of EME's control, Naddic make the decision on what sets can be bought.

    Also in KR, they've done this for a lot of sets such as Shaman, All Stars, Opera, ninja and etc. (none with portrait). So eventually it could possibly come to the world server but we don't know when.

    Naddic doesn't add old sets back into the cash shops because they do rerelease the gacha which they've done with Lovely Lace and Santa Helper being the most recent examples. And in KR they just did their rerun of Spring Fairy and Domestic (with Chulsoo and Mirae added). They also reran the character exclusive sets all in one banner recently as well. So if new players/ returning players did miss out on a set previously - chances are they will either rerun the gacha at a later time or the sets did poorly and will be added to the cash shop.

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    This is a good idea in my opinion. I always thought they should put more of the old stuff in the regular cash shop, this even if a few rare ones remain gacha exclusive, sadly I don't really think that Naddic want or care too much about our version anymore, also not sure if eme will be willing to do something like that.

    On a side note and since I am kind of ignorant about Bitna: Did naddic at some point nerf the drop rate for some of the regular sets?

    I ask this 'cause a lot of people was saying that in game and since I don't have access to kr version anymore, I am not sure if that is true or just that the game lost so many whales that there is less costumes influx to the market.

    I mean, I remember that a few months ago you could still find 2* sets accessories at reasonable price and in abundance. Nowadays however the last sets not only use 2 accessories instead of one, but also it seems almost imposible to get those acc parts. As example I never saw the kitsune tail on Bm, only saw a few ears and really expensive, same can be said about wonderland, when it was on sale people was buying the acc for that set at a billion each part...

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