Update the Korean Voice Pack

It appears that the Korean voice pack is once again outdated. Can it be updated? Thanks.


  • AndsoitisAndsoitis Member

    Not sure if this is related but Tina aplha dark command voice pack is missing.
    I really prefer that those voice mods to the other one.

  • SuguroRyuujiSuguroRyuuji Member, Player Council
    edited May 14

    The KR Voice pack has been reported and will be updated soon ™. and for Tina's Dark Command voice well her voice got changed with the branch update

  • AndsoitisAndsoitis Member

    So Enmasse officially removed a voice pack that was always available?
    Note there was an option to choose from both before.
    Other regions kept alpha and the other pack in their builds so why cant NA?
    Its not game breaking I just find it much better than the only option we have now.

  • AndsoitisAndsoitis Member

    Just wanted to say thanks for fixing that Tina voice pack issue.

  • Is there any news with regards to the Korean Voice Pack?

  • RukiaRukia Member, Player Moderators, Player Council

    We haven't had any more news regards voice pack at this time.

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