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Okay so this is something I have been noticing since the update. This is also a thing that I am not sure where to post when it comes to asking for aid. I don't know if its a tech issue and I should make a tech ticket about it, or if its something im missing. Which I guess for the latter it would be the reason why im making the post.

To sum up whats going on, since the new update when it comes to trying to load others in public areas, I cannot see them. For example the silhouette of the closer that you see when it says they're loading. That will constantly stay there for me despite them actually moving around in the area and having loaded. If I relog, 75% of the time they will then appear for me. This persists as well even after I come out of a sector.
While this isn't a big issue, its more so weird for me since I have friends saying "Yeah im standing next to you" or something like that, and yet I cannot see them. Its like I have the settings down at the lowest, despite my settings for the town user view, being at max so I can see everything.
My friends dont have this issue, so it seems to be just me right now, but does anyone have a similar issue happening for them? Or am I just alone in this?


  • Leon00Leon00 Member

    no you're not alone. It's probably the game not your computer

  • AclousAclous Member

    Well I just hope they end up fixing it, since this wasn't an issue prior to the update.

  • JochiraJochira Member

    this have pretty much been a problem this game had for years

    i'm no expert, but from past experiences (since this is a problem I learned about ever since Misook became a thing and through Elsword), this is client-side related, so I guess some clients have it and others not and it varies from time to time

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