Known Issue - Beelzebub not opening as scheduled

We are aware of an issue with the Beelzebub raid not opening as scheduled. We are working closely with the developer Naddic to resolve the issue. We do not have a known fix date at this time, but will push the fix live as soon as it becomes available.

As we continue to work on the issue I will post updates here.

For a list of other known issues please refer to our Known issue section in the recent Busan Ch.2 and Branch Update Patch Notes.

We appreciate your understanding.


  • SingleBearSingleBear Member, Administrator, EME Staff
    edited May 25

    Update - Fix May 26

    Our patch on May 26 will resolve the Beelzebub issue. Apologize for not getting this resolved sooner. The issue proved more difficult than anticipated.

    To thank you for your understanding and patience, we plan to compensate every player with 7 days of Elite Status. Stay tuned for more details.

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