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Greetings fellow Closers!

I ran into a problem recently and I search for some help.
I don't see the characters in the hub!

Or rather, I only see their silhouettes, although the settings are set to "display all".
Sometimes I see 5-6 characters, but sometimes only 1 (except mine) and other people is just colored silhouettes...

Can you give me any advice please?


  • AclousAclous Member

    This is something I have also been experiencing quite a bit. In fact its been happening since the last update, aka Busan Chapter 2. To give you a solution towards it, I dont have one since I am still searching, or rather perhaps its not a complete one.
    I have discovered from friends, and from testing myself that having my Setting set to "All" in the Town User View, is what causes this. But if I have it set to "More" instead, i can see people. Maybe try this out yourself to see how it is?

    In the end, to get the "All" option fixed so we can see people all the time, we have to wait for the Devs to do a hotfix for it.

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